Everyone deserves to feel as though they belong.

"Belonging is how employees feel when an organization gets Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion right.

 ~ Jessica Jaymes Purdy

FIC Human Resource Partners, LLC believes that Fostering Inclusive Workplace Cultures is one of the most important missions of our lives.   

We seek to change the world by helping our students becomes agents of change that model inclusive behavior, engage in continual cultural competency growth, lift marginalized and underrepresented community members within their organizations up, and foster truly inclusive cultures where everyone can feel a sense of belonging.  

Our students learn how to better include co-workers and identify  barriers to access and opportunities and begin dismantling those barriers.  

Jessica Jaymes Purdy

CEO | Founder | Facilitator

Jessica Purdy’s desire for a more inclusive and accepting society led her to become an Activist, Public Speaker, and Founder of FIC Human Resource Partners, LLC.

Her identity as a panromantic, asexual, transwoman is central to her life and work.  She is, as they say, Out and Proud.  But rather than ‘coming out’, she brings people into her confidence, her truth, and her life.  It’s a combination of her personal experiences and mindset of  ‘bringing people in' that has made her an effective leader, facilitator, and change agent. 

The ‘new collar’ journey that led to her founding FIC Human Resource Partners began with Military Service as a Legal Specialist.  Her nearly 4 years of service ended with an honorable discharge under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Once she transitioned back into the civilian workforce, she moved up from an hourly wage Service Technician position through Service, Branch, and Regional Manager positions before becoming the Director of Culture and Talent for the C3 Agency.  

Her own personal experiences with bias is one of the primary reasons she has embarked on a mission to foster inclusive cultures not just in the workplace, but in the communities she lives and works in.  For her the work we do at FIC Human Resource Partners is more than just a job, it’s a calling. 

Her beliefs have become the founding principles of FIC Human Resource Partners. 

  1. Everyone deserves the dignity of working within inclusive cultures.

  2. By including people of diverse experiences, organizations can better serve the communities in which they do business.

  3. No one should ever be denied services or excluded from work because they are a member of a minority or marginalized community.

  4. Workplaces can be agents of change by creating cultures of inclusion that invite the communities they serve to join them in creating space for a diversity of difference among us and offering opportunity to minority and marginalized employees.

  5. We can change the world by fostering inclusive cultures.

What Our Participants Are Saying

"I don't know that I have ever had the urge to write anyone in human resources after a training session before, but I really wanted to point out how helpful I thought the program was."  ~ L.P.

I" was surprised by how many times I had to take a step back and look at myself and see how homogeneous my world is. (It isn't totally, but I can do better.) " ~ L.P.

"I was away in Boston visiting family this past week and when the discussion came around to diversity etc., I mentioned some of my new insight, and the thoughts were very well received. Thank you again." ~L.P.

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FIC Human Resource Partners

is a Certified LGBT Business Enterprise

The National LGBT Chamber of Commerce is the business voice of the LGBT community and the largest global not-for-profit advocacy organization specifically dedicated to expanding economic opportunities and advancements for LGBT people. NGLCC is the exclusive certification body for LGBT-owned businesses. http://www.nglcc.org/get-certified